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Thank you for the opportunity to share my information with you. My career background does not fit the standard resume format. After much consideration this weekend, I decided to follow my simplification rule. I have attached a pdf with two pages. The first page gives a short work history and what I have enjoyed about the challenges of a small business. The second page provides a brief glimpse of the knowledge and skills required to manufacture the many products. 

I have much more to share about my business philosophy and would be happy to put something together for you.

Alan Simpson


Alan Simpson

114 West Vesper

Hesston, Kansas 67062

Phone: 620-386-4644 Email:




A partner in Design Manufacturers Inc. of Hesston, Kansas, from 1983 to 2020. DMI was a small family manufacturing business owned by myself and Dallas Simpson, my father. DMI closed in 2020 due to small business burnout and a desire to move to something new.


From its inception, DMI was a custom office furniture manufacturer. Over the thirty-plus years of the company's existence, circumstances resulted in the company reinventing itself several times. The reinvention developed additional skills, including but not limited to composite aircraft cabinet construction, vacuum forming, CNC router programming, and operating.


Satisfied customers and end users included Goodrich Cabin Systems, United Technologies Corporation, Cessna, Agco Corporation, Hustler Turf, Boeing, Bombardier, Piper Aircraft, and Siemens.


The shop succeeded in its mission of meeting or exceeding our customers' expectations, with exceeding the expectations being the rule, not the exception. How is that possible. The answer is pride in work. Customer satisfaction is a personal challenge.



Solving the challenges of prototyping products, developing short-run manufacturing processes, and planning production to manufacturing is what I enjoy.


As a small business owner, I have learned many subjects, from marketing to quoting, planning, purchasing, programming, and assembly. When you are responsible for each step, you know the importance of looking ahead and simplify, simplify, simplify.


I miss the salespersons, engineers, shop floor workers, and shipping people with whom I came into contact. I am a serial question asker. Once people understand you are genuinely interested in what they have to say, they will open up, and you can learn many things. Most of all, I miss the conversations with the younger people and the guidance I was able to give them. Our shop was a haven for safe discussion.


It was that contact that piqued my interest in how people interact inside of their companies. It became apparent many companies are unaware of their relationship with their employees. The lack of effort put into employee success is sadly lacking. I have spent countless hours studying the issue.



Continuous improvement is, caring about customer service, desire to improve oneself, and lifting the people around you.


I cannot overstate the importance of being able to draw an ethical line in the sand, even if it is going to put you at a competitive disadvantage.


Being humble and honest in all things is my steadfast rule.


Knowledge Development



CNC Machining

Purchasing decision on CNC equipment

Programing 2D and 3D CNC toolpaths using Vectric VCarve Pro and Mecsoft Visual Mill software 

Operating ShopBot PR4896 CNC router, ShopBot Buddy 2432 CNC router

Operating Shopbot routers Multicam 3000 series router with tool changer

Materials machined plastics, wood, plywood, high-density foam


3D Printing

Purchasing decision maker,on 3D printer

Programming 3D printing processes using Simplify 3D

Operating MakerGear M2 fused filament deposition 3D printer


Laser Cutting and Marking

Purchasing decision maker on laser engraver

Operating Epilog Mini 18 CO2 laser 12”x18” laser

Laser marking of coated metals, plastic, wood

Laser cutting of plastic, rubber, wood, paper, fabric



Purchasing decision maker on computer software

2D drafting with DesignCad software

3D modeling with assemblies using Solid Edge, Alibre, Geomagic Design software

Literature design with Corel Draw, Photo Shop

Basic web design using Yahoo Sitebuilder

Basic computer networking and other computer problem troubleshooting


Vacuum Form Plastics

Purchasing decision maker on vacuum forming machine

CNC design and mold making

Vacuum forming of small parts

Final trimming of parts manually and by CNC


Office Furnishings

Machining and assembly of hardwood and veneered furniture

Sanding, staining, and top coat finishing


Composite Aircraft Cabinetry

Machining of composites.

Edge potting of composites.

Use of epoxy adhesives.

Use of panel pins in construction.

Use of structural inserts in construction.

Laminating and veneering of cabinetry.

High gloss top coating of cabinetry including spraying and polishing.

Use of catalyzed top coats.

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