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No Nonsense Life Observations From a Father To His Children

Alan M Simpson

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Are you currently missing guidance from your parents? Does missing guidance have you feeling lost? Did circumstances keep you from having adult direction growing up? Parents, are you struggling to find the words to guide your children.

If you answered yes to any question, this book will be a favorite companion when you are unsure how to handle difficult situations. Living life can be distressing and create low self esteem when you lack guidance and direction. Father and author Alan M. Simpson understands the difficulty and created this book for his children to reference as they enter the adult world.

The book covers a wide range of life situations, including relationships, parents, mistakes, work, success and many more. Each topic consists of short, concise observations making the book an easy read.

There are a myriad of lessons to be found within this groundbreaking advice from an experienced father. Readers from all walks of life will find valuable insights within these pages. Buy this book if you want to improve your personal life direction or become a better-prepared parent; add this book to your collection today.

How The Book Started

As a parent, Alan M. Simpson found his children had all too quickly become young adults, and he had a limited amount of time to impart certain life wisdom to his children. He realized that it would never be possible for him to have every meaningful conversation he wanted to have with them. He created this book to speak not only to his children but also the children of others, their parents, and anyone who needs life advice and wisdom.


This book gives guidance in the formation and completion of life goals. The author wanted to ensure that his children had a foundation to build on setting and achieve their goals. He points out that the journey through life is not traveled alone and that taking care of others is critical to individual success. He also offers sage advice regarding motivation, inspiration, and dedication.


Topic oriented and easy to read, keep this book of no-nonsense life observations from a father within easy reach.

WHICH WAY FORWARD is available on Amazon Kindle and in Amazon paperback.

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